Transparent Glass Plate Gauge Indicator

  • Transparent Glass Plate Gauge Indicator
Transparent Glass Plate Gauge Indicator
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For the glass plate gauge there are reflection type and transparent type, both can be optional the length of the glass, whether off set valve, whether with mica, and with experience for boiler glass plate gauge

Glass Plate Level Gauge

glass plate gauge

Main technical parameters of glass plate level gauge

ULB series glass plate level gauge is a local level measuring instrument, 

which can be used for the level measurement of various containers. 

The product is divided into transparent glass plate level gauge, two-color glass plate level gauge, 

anti-corrosion glass plate level gauge and other forms. 

The two-color glass plate level gauge has a colorless liquid phase (black or green), 

and a red two-color gas phase display, which is intuitive and eye-catching. 

The glass plate level gauge adopts a special level gauge valve that is easy to clean. 

The level gauge is equipped with a valve specially produced by our company for the glass plate level gauge, 

which contains a steel ball. When the glass plate breaks accidentally,

 the steel ball closes the medium channel under the pressure in the container to prevent the leakage of liquid in the container.

 It is widely used in petroleum refining, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, light industry and other industries.

>>Common technical parameters

◇ Heat tracing connection: G1/4 ″ (or manufactured according to the size provided by the user)

◇ Heat tracing pressure: ≤ 0.6MPa

◇ Valve closing pressure: ≥ 0.3MPa

◇ Liquid receiving material: carbon steel or 0Cr18Ni9

◇ Threaded connection: ZG3/4 ″

◇ Flange connection: nominal diameter DN20 (or manufactured according to the size provided by the user)

◇ Flange standard: JB/T82.1-94 JB/T82.2-94 convex surface (or manufactured according to the standard provided by the user)

>>General technical parameters

◇ Measuring range: 500~1700mm

◇ Visual range: H=L-250

◇ Working temperature: - 20~250 ℃

◇ Nominal pressure: 1.6~6.3MPa


◇ Gas-liquid phase dual-color display, visual observation

◇ No leakage and blockage

◇ Easy installation and long service life

◇ 360 ° free rotation in visible direction

glass gauge

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